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Victoria Nicole Low

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xoxo [May. 23rd, 2015|02:14 pm]
Victoria Nicole Low
[I'm feeling |recumbentrecumbent]


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Selling!! [Jan. 19th, 2013|06:28 pm]
Victoria Nicole Low
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Feedback; http://kissthdust.livejournal.com/17595.html
1 positive/ 0 negative.
(No trades, not even partials)
$5 off all items!!
Updated with tons of stuff!!

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Selling this Ecoté Canvas Backpack from Urban Outfitters
Selling for SGD40
Bought it for USD49 (excl. shipping)
Brand new in plastic
Has four outer pockets and zip at back for easy access to contents


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Sold Items [Nov. 25th, 2007|03:49 pm]
Victoria Nicole Low
Sold Sold
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Feedback [Jan. 23rd, 2006|08:20 pm]
Victoria Nicole Low


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